Artificial intelligence software is prone to adapt and to make mistakes. They continuously adapt and provide answers to the most random of questions.

However, more than once these artificial intelligence software come up with answers that are so ridiculous and amusing that they make us all laugh out loud. And sometimes these software adapt so much that they give the most sarcastic answers and that gives us a hilarious laugh as well.

Here are 30 examples of such instances where Siri gave ridiculous answers to ridiculous questions.

1: Uncomfortable truths

Siri is used for probably everything from the little tasks like putting up alarms to bigger tasks like booking tickets for airplanes and renting cars. This person, however, was probably not expecting depreciation when he told Siri to remind him. I know spilling the tea is very in trend these days, but maybe we’d like Siri to be a little less bold the next time. Calling a person dumb for asking for a reminder is not the politest thing to do.

2: Siri touching nerves here

Siri has an in-built calculator. It can solve mathematical calculations from the basic level to complex ones as well. It has an array of various sources from where it gets the knowledge it then displays. When this user was asking such a ridiculous question, I’m sure he didn’t expect such a great response in return. Reminding a person of their lonely and empty social life is probably just the thing to make them stop asking obvious and stupid questions.

3: Siri just went racist

Lame puns are something that we see everywhere. One must appreciate a good pun where it is due. The question as to why fire trucks are red probably has the answer that these vehicles are red because red is the most iconic color. Also because it can be spotted from a distance. However, this pun that Siri made not only makes us laugh but also makes us contemplate how much truth there is in that statement.

4: A human eclipse? Pretty much me IRL

Some people also use Siri to ask real-life advice. It can help in making decisions of simple dilemmas, prepare schedules and can also be used to set alarms. But if asked questions like these, one should expect a likewise response. Wearing all black and just standing in front of people and objects and doing nothing productive at all? Sounds like me in real life – no need of a costume at all.

5: The Sass Is One Point Here, Sir

With the new and final season of the Game of Thrones underway, it is but natural to ask Siri such questions. And the response from Siri is worth applause if there was any response worth applause. The complete and utter retaliation of a Game of Thrones reference with a Game of throne reference makes a fan giddy as hell. However, the real question remains, does a Lannister always pay his debts? Which team are you guys?

6: Siri striking nerves

All of us get struck with boredom once in a while. For many of us, we deal with that boredom by reading a book or watching a good movie. Listening to music also proves cathartic as hell. But for a few among us, talking to Siri is also a good way to beat the boredom. Siri, however, is not having any of it. When told to repeat a tongue twister, she replied with a basic dig at how carelessly the guy was using his time. Guilt tripping here, are we? 

7: Making work easier?

Almost everywhere on the internet, you see one question popping up so much by the queer community. How to come out to one’s parents. Every child’s parents have a different way of acceptance and tolerance. Some parents outright accept it while others would never accept their child as gay even if he or she comes out with careful planning. This, however, is probably not the best idea. I hope that the person did not get into trouble by accidentally pressing send.

8: Siri has more of a love life than I do

Asking an artificial intelligence software out on Valentine’s Day date is probably not the best idea if you’re asking me. But then again, who am I to kink shame? This person’s attempts, however, were very subtly cut off by Siri as she explained that she had made other plans already. Who those plans are with, I want to know. At least the rejection was polite.

9: Siri might be awesome, but she isn’t good at getting people hot

Trying to chat up a hot guy or a girl is understandable. Even relatable to some point and we get it, you’re lonely and hormonal. But don’t be THAT lonely and hormonal as to ask your phone assistant software to talk dirty to you. That, my friends, is when you know you’ve hit rock bottom. Siri’s response, however, is worthy of an award. That is exactly what I am saying the next time I get an unwelcome message from anyone. 

10: She knows all your secrets

Sending unsolicited nudes to people is the lowest low you can go. But trying to send your nudes to operating system software that works on artificial intelligence and keeps on adapting isn’t probably the best idea. She has everything she wants on the cloud you see. What that everything includes. However, I am curious to know. And I’m sure everyone is also just as curious.