Sometimes when you buy a product or service, it isn’t quite what it should be. We’re a fairly laid back crowd, and usually when this happens, we let it slide. We figure everyone’s human and things don’t have to be perfect for us to be satisfied, ya know? Then there are times when even we stand up and say, “Listen, this deserves at LEAST a refund, if not something more substantial.” The following pictures represent these kinds of moments, and all we can say is that we hope they got their money back in the end.

#1 A Hairtastrophe, not a Haircut

Ladies and gentlemen, exhibit A. There is nothing about this haircut that is even remotely close to being salvageable. We’d say it looks like a drunk four-year-old with scissors and a grudge gave them this haircut, but we have more faith in the aforementioned four-year-old. We don’t know where they got this haircut, but we’re hoping that they not only received a refund but that the person who gave it to them was summarily fired.


This girl found a clever way of turning peoples natural curiosity and tendency to ask for nudes into a profit-making enterprise, but not how you’d think. She just put up a picture on Tinder and said, “send me $5 and see what happens!” with no indication as to what that may be. Needless to say, she got plenty of bites that followed through with giving her money and promptly unmatched them. Surprise!


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