Sometimes when you buy a product or service, it isn’t quite what it should be. We’re a fairly laid back crowd, and usually when this happens, we let it slide. We figure everyone’s human and things don’t have to be perfect for us to be satisfied, ya know? Then there are times when even we stand up and say, “Listen, this deserves at LEAST a refund, if not something more substantial.” The following pictures represent these kinds of moments, and all we can say is that we hope they got their money back in the end.

#1 A Hairtastrophe, not a Haircut

Ladies and gentlemen, exhibit A. There is nothing about this haircut that is even remotely close to being salvageable. We’d say it looks like a drunk four-year-old with scissors and a grudge gave them this haircut, but we have more faith in the aforementioned four-year-old. We don’t know where they got this haircut, but we’re hoping that they not only received a refund but that the person who gave it to them was summarily fired.


This girl found a clever way of turning peoples natural curiosity and tendency to ask for nudes into a profit-making enterprise, but not how you’d think. She just put up a picture on Tinder and said, “send me $5 and see what happens!” with no indication as to what that may be. Needless to say, she got plenty of bites that followed through with giving her money and promptly unmatched them. Surprise!


#3 When You Don’t Know, You Don’t Know

So here we have a grandmother wearing a cute t-shirt with a pineapple on it… Only that’s not a pineapple, that’s a marijuana leaf with some art attached. The distinctive art used to draw the ganja leaves makes it clear this isn’t her favorite citrus fruit, but some strains certainly have a citrus aftertaste!

#4 Always Pay Full Price For Your Haircut

And here we come back to why you really want to make sure your barber knows what they’re doing. If you’re not willing to pay top dollar for a haircut, then you should expect results like this. Should they get a discount? Sure they should, but they’d have done even better to simply avoid this fate to begin with!

#5 Before And After Pics Of Meth Dog

First off these are just pictures of the same dog before and after a haircut, so relax. However, you have to admit the overall appearance we get here is that of a meth-head gone around the bend. Stringy, unhealthy hair, almost nobody weight, and a look that says they’d shank you for a crystal… Yep, that’s a meth dog.

#6 When The Cheese Falls

Never in any situation should a pizza be allowed to arrive at its destination in this condition. There’s far too much joy that pizza brings to the world for it to be treated in this fashion. We’re wondering if there was an accident, a sudden stop, or if they carried it sideways when delivering it. Whatever the case, they are definitely owed a refund.

#7 One Size Fits All… Doesn’t

Never ever trust a politician or a piece of clothing that says that it comes in one-size fits all. You can clearly see from this image that this outfit is more like one-size-fits-nobody. It doesn’t have any of the characteristics of the original piece, and the new owner deserves a refund without question.

#8 One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other

What we have here is a clear case of false advertising. This woman ordered a dress anticipating a wonderful Prom with great memories in a stunning dress. Instead, she got this rather tragic piece of clothing that looks like someone who can’t sew tried to make a dress using a pattern they’d never seen. We hope she got her money back.

#9 Another Pizza Tragedy

How did this one even get out of the store to be delivered to the home! There is absolutely nothing ok with how this pizza arrived. It’s clearly burnt, there’s barely any cheese on it, and who cuts their pizza that way? Oh wait, no-one, the pizza BROKE like that. That’s right; it was so overcooked it became brittle. Time to speak to their manager, we think.

#10 Why Do People Keep Hurting Pizza!

Like that last one wasn’t enough, here’s one with its own unique problem. That would be a dry layer of sauce over a properly cooked crust caused by an utter and complete lack of cheese. Who does this to an innocent pizza? Pizza should always come with extra cheese, and never ever without cheese on it at all.

#11 Remember What We Said

Here we have another clear instance of “one-size-fits-no one”. We’re not sure who was responsible for designing this dress or marketing it in a way that tries to convince the owner they’re getting what’s in the left panel, but they’re either a criminal, a genius, or both. It doesn’t help that the material its made out of is a sheer tragedy that shouldn’t be used for granny panties, let alone a svelte dress.

#12 How Did This Even Happen?

Some things you order off the internet have some kind of reasonable explanation; others wind up being these. We have no idea how the guy ordered the $750 shoes on the left (who orders shoes that expensive anyway?) and got the ones on the right, but we’re astounded. Were they a prank version or something? Either way, that’s a whole lot of money back to be getting. Maybe next time he won’t spend it on shoes.

#13 This Plates A Shoe In

Yeah, you heard us, bad pun time. We can’t even begin to describe the number of problems that exist with this particular picture. Yes, that’s a shoe. Yes, those are deep fried pickles. Yes, the pickles are in the shoe. Is this a special order or someone’s idea of a horrible joke? Either way, the shoe needs to go back, and so do the pickles. They need to bring out Calamari on a PLATE.

#14 Do Not Trust The Sites That Sell Cheap

There’s a theme running through this list right now, and that theme is “don’t shop from cheap sites on the ‘Net’.” Every one of these poor souls has trusted the image they saw on the web that was made up to make it look its best. What they got was clearly a piece of work from the fashion designer amateur hour competition. Send it back.

#15 We’re Back To The Haircut Line

So there are a couple of things we want to make sure you know about inexpensive haircuts by professionals. Do not walk in at the end of the day, and do not schedule at the end of the day. They’re in a hurry to get out the door and don’t much care what you look like when its all over. This means that they’re going to do whatever it takes to get you out of the store in a hurry and that may mean leaving you looking like this poor guy.

#16 Pineapple Haters Are Everywhere

Seriously, if someone did this to us we’d not only give them their money back we’d demand to see their manager and have them crucified for heresy. Pineapple decidedly belongs on pizza, and we’ll die on that hill if we have to. On the other hand, we’ve never understood why people think that putting chicken on a pizza was ever a good idea or that nasty garlic sauce. Pizza comes with pig or beef, no birds, and red sauce is King.

#17 When Restaurants Deconstruct a Salad

You have to be careful when ordering from an Avante Garde restaurant or you’re going to get something like this. What you see here is clearly a Caesar Salad, deconstructed. A collection of crisp romaine lettuce comes bound in a crunchy crouton ring with a ramekin of Caesar dipping sauce to finish it off. Obviously one of the more forward-thinking designs we’ve ever seen… Where’s our refund?

#18 A Mousepad, Not A Rug

So one of the struggles of ordering online is that you never really know what you’re going to get. In this case, the guy thought he was ordering a rug for his house. Instead, he ended up with a… mousepad? If we’re being generous? Really it’s like an overly fancy napkin, and we’d be sending that thing back for a refund because we wanted a RUG, not a NAPKIN.

#19 When The Food Is Clearly Trash

Some restaurant somewhere thought that this was an acceptable way to deliver a meal to a customer. If they wanted to let us know that their food was basically trash we couldn’t think of a better way to do it, to be honest. Those chips don’t look good, that sandwich looks highly questionable, and we’re pretty sure that brush is dirty… Send it back.

#20 You Need A… Refund We Guess?

So here we have a guy who thought he was going to get a tank top muscle shirt and wound up getting a slinky dress instead. Honestly, he wears it well, and we think he should go with it; on the other hand, we’re pretty sure Mr. Manly Man here will be sending it back for a refund. We’re pretty sure that’s what we’d do… but you have to admit its striking on him.

#21 Again, When Ordering Online, Check Sizes

Do you see this? We do. This is a TV stand for a dollhouse. The person who ordered it thought they were ordering a TV stand for their house. The disappointment they must have felt when it arrived was likely tangible. We just hope they didn’t pay the price for a full-sized one only to get this little item.

#22There’s What You Order, And What You Get

Do you see all those beautiful crystals on the right-hand side? These are what they claim you’re going to get when you place your order. Instead, what the person got was the one that arrived on the left, utterly lacking any luster or color. Send it BACK.

#23 A Beautiful Top, But A Bit Small

Sizes all over the world are a bit weird, but we’re pretty sure the top that was featured in that image is not the one that arrived. It’s small enough to fit the cat comfortably, but there’s no way that ‘just bigger than a sandal” top is going to fit the girl who ordered it. Had to go back, money please.

#24 Not Technically Refund Worthy, But What?

Alright, so as long as the coffee inside was good, we wouldn’t be asking for a refund. We are however somewhat confused how the person taking the order mistook Virginia for Vagina. Here it is though, in all its stunning glory, one order for Vagina.

#25 When Your Order Gets Interpreted A Little Too Literally

Sometimes when you order something at the drive-thru, you know it’s just going to end badly. Here we have a stunning example of that. Yeah, we know it says “only sauce,” but that doesn’t mean you leave the rib off. Just no onions or pickles!

#26 Even When Sizes Are Listed, Take Care With Your Order

This guy tried to order himself a comfortable new pair of leggings only to find out they were intended to be worn by Barbie Dolls, not full sized people. So a large set of leggings arrived for large size dolls, and all he could think of to do was wear them on his feet. Well. His toes.

#27 Blonde… Not Blind

So this is a lovely cake that Moira ordered, but unfortunately, there was a rather drastic typo that she sent. We’ll blame it on Autocorrect. The cake in question was supposed to have a little blonde girl on it to celebrate Laura’s 21st birthday. Instead, she got a little blind girl.

#28 We Don’t Want A Refund This Time, We Want A Bag

So here we have one of the most incredible Cheeto’s Puffs we’ve ever laid eyes on, and this time we don’t want a refund. What we do want is for an entire bag of these to be made and shipped to our house so we could tell people, “We only had one puff” when we want a snack.

#29 Spread It Out A Little Starbucks!

At first, this looks like an amazing and dense sandwich, doesn’t it? Nope. It’s not. Instead, what you have is a sandwich that has all the filling in one place and nothing for the outside. How hard is it to make a sandwich?


That’s all we can think of when we look at this image of someone working at a food demo. Maybe he’s just checking to make sure the meatballs are done? We just seriously hope he isn’t serving those though. Maybe be sure to watch your food demo guys before you eat what they’re offering, you never know.

So there we have it, 30 instances where people sorely needed to be treated to a full refund. These people all found out what happens when you’re not careful about what you’re ordering, or aren’t explicit about what you want. As for that last one? The only refund we want is for them to hire someone who DOESN’T do that while they’re making the food.