Parenting has improved in some ways and downgraded in others. Modern parenting is an extremely complex and diverse thing. Parents like those half a decade ago, would never be able to exist in the modern world. However, when you see some of the pictures of parents from the old days – not only are you entertained but the sheer and stark difference of today’s parenting dynamic with that of a few years ago comes in to play.

1: The most hardcore baby:


We have all heard of our grandparent’s reminiscence about how their generation was far more brutal and strong than ours can be. I have heard old people refer to our generation as weak and puny and overdramatic and their generation as strong. This beer gulping baby completely depicts how strong and hardcore the old days war. And he’s holding an actual gator.

2: This is probably not safe:


We all know that the best of emergency services did not exist back in the day, you just had to make do with what you had. There were not proper seat belts as can be seen from this picture of a really scary chair lift. I don’t understand how they got this child to sit on this chairlift.

3: The makeshift ramp:


When I was little, my grandmother used to tell me how there were not a lot of facilities for them back in the day. They had to make do with what they had, completely on their own. This mother using herself as a ramp for her son’s bicycle is the most satisfying yet confusing thing I have seen today.

4: Groovy baby in the marijuana rally:


A few years ago in America, there came a revolution of flowers, sex and peace-loving groups of people who were generally referred to as hippies. These people believe in the golden rules of “live and let live” and were probably the only good movement. However, bringing your baby to a marijuana rally isn’t probably the best idea. Especially if the child is in a box.

5: The coolest parents:


Sometimes, when we look at old pictures and watch old videos, we cannot help but notice how plain old cool and swaggy our ancestors were. The suits and cigars of the old days present a royal picture in my mind. However, your parents might’ve been cool, but they will never be this lady level cool. She is petting her PET LION in a crop top as she waits for her husband.

6: Hardcore kids 2.0:


The kids those days weren’t alright. If you put things into perspective, the world was going through a lot during the 90s including wars as well. This picture is of Princess Yvone and Price Alexander in Germany during 1955, and if I was in Germany in 1955, I would probably need a drink and a cigarette as well. But it still is bizarre how casually these kids are using influence.

7: This can go horrifyingly wrong:


As stated above, there were a lot of things that had not been invented then. People used to make their makeshift inventions to make up for these items. This couple has tried to create their version of a baby chair so that they can skate using it and we just have to be worried about the baby’s safety here. I just hope the baby survived without major injuries.

8: Infants at the bar:


Unlike today, in the past, there were no fixed limits in bars. Sure the bartenders would probably not serve to children, but that does not mean that children could not loiter around in the bar. This picture shows a baby at a bar alongside his parents. Therefore, not only the children were hardcore at this time, but the parents were amazing as well.

9: What even are these baby seats:

Nowadays, the inventions of the modern world has made life and parenting very easy. Otherwise, people like us wouldn’t have been able to exist. Baby chairs are chairs that fit into the seats of the cars and allow the child to sit through a car journey without falling forward or touching something he or she shouldn’t. However, this makeshift baby chair has me scared for the baby.

10: The swimming lessons in 1930:


These lessons were probably the pinnacle of parenting for the parents back in the day. The tradition was given a lot of importance to people living in the old days. The ways of the ancestors were important and given prime consideration. These fishing and swimming lesson pictures shows another tradition of Tampa Bay and almost has us emotional looking at it.