We have all felt the weird sense of embarrassment creeping up our spines as we hunt the various aisles in the shopping mall for a particularly awkward item to buy. Online shopping has made the world easier. Not only has it made the life of introverts and couch potatoes easy, but it has also made the buying of embarrassing but useful products way more stress-free.

1: This heavy-duty plunger and brush

Let’s face it, every house faces toilet and plumbing problems. More than once in our lives, we struggle with clogged toilets, sinks and every other type of pipes. It is slightly embarrassing going through the shopping mall with a plunger in your hand. And online shopping makes it easier and better.

2: The squatty potty


The human body has been designed to excrete waste substances. In order to achieve homeostasis, the body must keep a continuous and safe level of toxic substances in the body. The body has also been designed to excrete in the squatting position. This squatty potty is easy to get online and ensures smooth excretion.

3: The menstrual cup


There really is nothing embarrassing about menstruation at all. It is a natural phenomenon that occurs in the female body and all life on earth is possible because of this cycle. Reproduction would not occur otherwise. But for some girls, it might be difficult to carry a menstrual cup around the mall, and for them, online shopping is a savior.

4: This massager


This particular massager can help you relieve ALL kinds of tension you have. Let’s face it, if we were to buy this particular item from a mall, there would be a lot of snickers and raised eyebrows. The safest alternative is to go online (and maybe incognito as well). Buying this online is very easy and makes the relieving of all kinds of tension a very easy task.

5: This stand to pee device


All girls have, at one point, wondered what it would feel like to pee standing up. Especially, for artists, athletes and people who go trekking into mountains and remote places, this device is a lifesaver. Instead of having to crouch in the bushes, that may or may not be poison ivy, you can just pee standing up while camping.

6: Diatomaceous earth


It is slightly embarrassing to tell someone that your house has nasty critters running loose. Even the best of us get weird bugs crawling in our house as soon as summer begins. And in those cases, diatomaceous earth is a man’s best friend. This is a powder-based medicine that kills the insects by destroying their exoskeletons. 

7: No more smelly shoes


For a girl, how she smells is one of the most important things. Science has shown that women show a lot more liking and attraction to men who smell nice, fresh and manly. However, it is common for feet to start sweating and consequently making our feet smell. These deodorizer bags not only make feet smell nicer but they also last years.

8: The poo pouri


This is basically magic. Just spray a little of this spray from the bottle into the toilet seat before starting your business. It basically creates an air barrier between the commode and the outside air. This stops the smell from permeating out into the normal air. It is actually just science at work, but this is something innovative.

9: This laxative that makes a move smooth


It’s okay to get a little problem with your digestion once in a blue moon. Sometimes, we eat a little too much wheat or biscuits, and that results in the excessive absorption of water from the intestine into the kidney. This results in constipation. This can easily be overcome by this smooth move laxative tea.

10: The hemorrhoid pillow


We all want to rest our asses on something comfy once in a while. And this velvety soft pillow is just the thing. However, buying this from a mall might lead to people believing that you have painful swelling near and on your bottom. And even if you have them – still very awkward. Just buy them online!