With the entertainment industry growing at an extremely fast pace, there are occurrences when unexpected things show up in movies. Sometimes, there are just random Easter eggs dropped in by the directors. Other times, they are mistakes that are overlooked. But nerds with too much time on their hand and a remote with an extra sensitive pause button always figure it out.

1: The moon lightening in the Truman show

In this movie, Truman’s life is all part of a movie set. And the plot twist is that Truman has no idea. In one of the scenes of the movie; however, the lightning flashes momentarily and the moon comes into view. Anyone with the most meager intellect can tell that the moon appears way too closer than it would on normal occurrences. Truman however, is too busy moping, or he might’ve realized sooner that he was on TV.

2: Only Doug can actually succeed

Up was one of the most emotionally heartbreaking yet inspiring animated movies to have ever been made. It is still underrated as hell up to this day but has a special place in the hearts of people who actually know about it. However, no matter how many dogs the villain actually had, only Doug – the underdog who was considered the weakest – could actually find the bird. Because he was the only hunting dog while the others were guard dogs.

3: The hunter in Deadpool 2

The hunter in Deadpool 2 is a noted actor. This actor has actually also played in another Marvel movie. It is Matt Damon. Totally unrecognizable, right? That is because he sat under four hours of prosthetics and makeup before making this brief cameo. A few years back, Damon also made such a cameo in Thor: Ragnarok as the performer who is playing Loki in the play happening on Asgard.

4: A car in medieval times

The diehard fans of the Lord of the Rings series were seriously disappointed by the editing team when they saw something that was a big red flag. A car. I am pretty sure that a car would probably not be normally found where Hobbits lived. Other than that, I’m pretty sure cars would not exist in the kingdoms at all. The director actually proceeded to edit out the car when the DVD was made.

5: What happened to Kevin’s ticket?

A question that many people ask is what happened to Kevin’s ticket in Home Alone? The answer is simply that after the milk was spilled on the table, Kevin’s dad threw out the ticket. This is exactly why there was no spare ticket left, and thus the chances of realizing that Kevin was getting left behind were further reduced. The movie still remains a holiday favorite though.

6: The glaring error in Jurassic Park

This mistake in Jurassic Park has been pointed out by the most novice fans as well as the most active fans. When the video call is happening in this scene, it is pretty clear that instead of an actual video call, there is a prerecorded message which is being played. If you look closely, you can easily see the pause, play and stop buttons under the video window.

7: Frozen

This favorite child movie is also one of the most successful and amazing animated movie franchises of all time. There is a perfectly placed plot as well as moral lessons to be learned through this story, and there is hardly anything wrong with it. Well, hardly anything. In this scene, the editors to make a small mistake. When the rope is cut, Anna and Kristoff are joined by a rope, but when they fall, this rope magically disappears? 

8: Keep your eyes on the ball, Gump

Forest Gump is also one of the most legendary movies and is a holiday special within families. Almost every scene of his movie is well though and worth appreciating. There was a large amount of effort behind this movie, and the amazing portrayal is also part of why the movie turned out as brilliant as it did. During this scene, Forest does not blink his eyes at all because he is keeping his eyes on the ball.

9: Captain’s suit

With the huge budget that Marvel gives to its Avengers franchise and the skilled CGI and special effects team that the studio has, we would expect an impeccable movie as far as visuals are concerned. We are, however, wrong. In the second Avengers, there are burns on the suit of Captain America due to his fight with the Chautari. However, these burns disappear shortly afterward.

10: Dueling got a little out of hand

Harry Potter is also among one of the most legendary movies. It has built an entire universe, and there are people so dedicated to the fandom, that they completely give up their lives to become super fans. Every character in the movie and the books are so well written. In this dueling scene between Draco and Harry, however, the dueling must have gone out of hand because a cameraman can be easily seen.