Tattoos really can be intricate pieces of art, but that too is dependent on the tattoo artist and the person getting a tattoo. At times the tattoo artist fails to understand what the customer is looking for  which ends up being a disaster. While sometimes the customer has weird requests. Here are some pictures of tattoo fails that made us laugh.

1: Better?

We want to meet the creative mind behind this masterpiece. We want to know what was he or she thinking while getting this done. “Its get better,” the tattoo says. Was it a genuine mistake by the tattoo artist or this is what the customer wanted? What gets better you may never know. But English seems to be a weak point.

2: Belive!!

One word conveys so many emotions. “Belive” is the tattoo asking us to go live on Instagram or facebook? I want to know the person who got this what was their initial reaction to it. Did they cry? Were they speechless like we are? Or did they give the tattoo artist a fake smile that they are not affected by it?

3: Jack Sparrow is that you?

Captain Jack Sparrow has never looked better. What do you think? This tattoo has altered the image of jack sparrow. Maybe it has more to do with the placement of the tattoo. We don’t know. It just does not look right to us. I mean at least the tattoo artist tried, but they failed miserably.

4: No comments

Angelina Jolie has never looked so demonic to us? This tattoo is petrifying. I mean a gorgeous woman like Angelina does not deserve this. They didn’t get the eyes right, they failed to get some of her basic features right. Feel sorry for the soul who got this tattooed. They did not want this drawing of Angelina.

5: A new movie is in town

We missed the memo for this movie. “Giraffic Park” we are very curious what the plot of the movie would have been if this were real. We would watch this movie. “Ferocious looking giraffes on the prowl for fresh meat” this does not sound nice at all. We want to know why would some get this tattooed. 

6: Baby

Uncanny resemblance, the tattoo artist captured the true essence of this adorable baby. Right? This tattoo is creepy. First of all, why would you want to tattoo a picture of your baby on your body? Secondly, how can you mess up an adorable picture? The poor soul who got this tattooed the results were not what he or she expected.

7: M&M or Eminem?

Why do we find this tattoo so funny? The fact that the artist managed to capture the essence of both M&M’s and Eminem has left us speechless. Also, this is a masterpiece. This shows the creativity of the artist. We think the poor soul who tattooed this was confused between the two famous figures. That’s why they drew a mixture of both. 

8: We have so many questions

First of all, why would you want to get this tattooed? Secondly, why would you want to get a tattoo of this size? Thirdly who doesn’t know the spellings of an angel? Either the tattoo was a drunken mistake, or it was the result of a bet the person with the tattoo lost. We are surprised, and we have some questions.

9: Marilyn Monroe

No no there are some things we can tolerate, and this is something that we cannot. You can’t mess up the face of Marilyn Monroe and get away with it. This is a pure tragedy for the person who got it tattooed. They failed to capture her true beauty, and that is so sad. We feel for the person who got this tattoo done.

10: But why?

What was this person thinking? This is his own mistake. Why would they get the face of a turtle tattooed on his nose? How will he go out and face the world with this on his face. We want to know the inspiration behind this tattoo. We are curious about it. What do you guys think?