11: We love Ace Ventura

We love this tattoo. Now, this is what we can call pure gold. If you have watched Ace Ventura movies, then you would find this funny. It takes you back to this exact scene, and we love it. A standing ovation for the tattoo artist, who encapsulated the beauty of this scene perfectly. Truly amazing.

12: Foreign language

We all find foreign languages very interesting and exotic in a lot of ways. So many people every day get quotes in a different language tattooed on their body. This Chinese quote is very funny; it means, ” I don’t know, I don’t speak Chinese”. It is always risky to get things like these tattooed. That’s why to be careful.

13: 18th birthday present

Love is a very beautiful thing, and if you manage to fall in love at such a young age, then you are lucky. This tattoo looks so cute at least when joined together it makes a perfect heart. We wish happy birthday to the person who got this tattooed with their significant other. Although we are a bit late in wishing it’s the thought that counts. Right?

14: Pencil thin eyebrows

This body part has been added to the list of weird places where you can get tattoos. Seriously why would someone get eyebrows like these deliberately? We believe tattoos should be meaningful and should tell a story. This does not tell us any story, and it has no meaning whatsoever. What do you guys think?

15: Break up

Reason no. 2078 why should never get a tattoo of your significant other done. Things like these make you question the relationship that existed between the two individuals. Like at one point they were in love, but once things got ugly, it ruined everything. Nevertheless, we still find humor in this because the way the tattoo has been transformed is hilarious.

16: Another couple with matching tattoos

This tattoo has “risky business” written all over it. Moreover, the placement of this tattoo makes us uncomfortable.  But if they are happy who are we to judge. We wish that this couple is still together and happy with each other. But if they are not together, then nobody will ever be able to forget this tattoo literally. 

17: Brian Griffin

He was one of our favorite characters on Family Guy. We think everyone was shocked by the sudden death of this character on the show. A fan got this tattooed as an ode the character of Brian Griffin. You will be missed. “Rapidly wiping our faces with tissue papers after seeing this tattoo”. He was a very cleverly constructed character.

18: Football fans I tell you

Being optimistic is a good thing but not to this extent. This cowboy fan had high hopes that his favorite team would definitely win Super Bowl. But his favorite team let him down. However, this optimistic fan can keep this tattoo and reveal it the world once Cowboys actually manage to win the game. We will all wait for that day with you.

19: Cuteness overload

For some reason, we really love this tattoo. It looks so innocent, sweet and cute. We truly love it. We want to meet the pair who got this tattoo, and we would like for them to tell us the story behind it. It looks so interesting and unique. Tattoos are not always supposed to look rustic and dark; they can be cute like this as well.

20: Where should we keep clam?

This would have been such a powerful tattoo, but a simple mistake ruined it. Obviously, the tattoo artist messed t up badly but was their no one to tell the artist the spellings of “calm”. Or maybe the artist wanted to protect the clam but why? However, hopefully, the person who got this tattooed at least got a refund.