11: Vitiligo

Vitiligo is a condition in which discolored patches appear on the skin. It is virtually harmless. It is not contagious, it doesn’t hurt, and it is not hereditary either. In this case, however, the discoloration of vitiligo isn’t being limited to the skin only but the eyelashes too, are losing the color due to the presence of this condition. It is one of the most peculiar skin conditions in the world.

12: A cold burn

The body has similar effects of heating as it does to cold. The human body is a homeostatic machine. It cannot survive extremes and needs a balanced environment to grow and nurture completely. In both extreme cold and extreme hot contact, the skin burns. Liquid propane is stored at -4 degrees Celsius and this is the result of just a few seconds of exposure. The few seconds were enough to burn the skin badly.

13: Aquaman

Our childhood dreams included one in which we all wanted to be mermaids. Have mermaid tails, fins, and webbed feet and be able to dance in the beautiful dark abysses of the open ocean. For some people, this dream becomes a reality to some extent. The webs between the toes don’t disintegrate during embryonic development, and they get webbed feet. They are, however, easily surgically removable.

14: Tongue tied

The palatine processes of the mouth are infused with the tongue in this condition. It is easily corrected through surgery. If time is taken before the surgery, it can cause speech retardation in the child. Thus, it is recommended to perform the surgery as fast and quick as the doctors can. The normal functioning of the tongue and mouth can be easily returned.

15: Peace

The peace sign of this girl is extremely wide. And as a person whose only go to pose for pictures is the peace sign, I am more than envious. My hands are not flexible at all. This flexibility is a result of flexible tendons and cartilage. If we try to do it, we might break our fingers. Let’s leave the extra wide peace signs to people with the proper tendons.

16: Hereditary Progressive Arthro-ophthalmodystrophy.

This person has a rare recessive disease, which is heritable. It is caused by the presence of two recessive alleles together in a gene pair. In this case, the person gets skin with a large amount of collagen. Collagens are elastic fibers. Thus, the skin becomes extremely elastic and easy to pull away. The skeleton also has severe complications that involve the extreme ease of dislocation of joints.

17: Spiral navel?

The navel is an important structure for the survival of humans. During embryonic growth, the food is provided through the umbilical cord which attaches itself to the belly button. Apart from food, gaseous exchange, and the excretion also occurred due to this tube. Sometimes, the umbilical cord is cut in such perfection that it results in a spiral belly button. I mean it is pretty weird to look at.

18: Amber

Amber eyes are often confused with hazel eyes, but there is a great difference between the two. In amber eyes, there are no specks of golden and green and orange mixed together, but it is a uniform gold. Much like honey drops that glow in the sunlight. These eyes are beautiful and are also almost as rare as green eyes in the human population.

19: Lichtenberg figures

The body has millions of neurons. These neurons carry messages to and from the brain in the form of electrical impulses. These impulses reach the other neurons because of a synaptic web that has been created inside of our body. This person, however, was struck by lightning and the lightning coursing through his veins has left a permanent scar on his arm due to the hyper electrocution of the neurons.

20: High-three!

Many times a part of the human body remains unformed due to some irregularity in the embryonic development. In this case, there are only three fingers in the hand of this Reddit user. She makes the most brilliant jokes on her uniqueness. She also calls herself special and says that her finger count matches the finger count of famous book characters and movie characters.