21: One lone, long hair

This genetic mutation is extremely common and is found in people everywhere. In this condition, there is on hair that grows at a much faster pace than the other hair on the body. This is due to a genetic mutation that occurs during the crossing over of chromosomes. However, it is rare to see such long hair that hasn’t been shaved yet.

22: Baby smooth thumb

The wrinkles on our fingers look natural to us, and we can’t even think of what our hands would look like if they were completely smooth. However, the wrinkles on our fingers are just a response of constant bending of the fingers. A person that snapped a tendon as an infant never bent their thumb, and it is still as smooth as it was on the day they were born.

23: Natural highlights

Most people have to pay the salon amounts of money to get this quirky little highlight for their hair. This baby, however, does not have to so. She naturally has the beach-blonde highlights we all dream of having. This is due to a genetic mutation that makes her birthmark discolor her hair and this results in a quirky, fun and funky look.

24: When do our fingers not prune?

Ever stayed in a warm bath too long because it was just that relaxing? The water, however, seeps into our cells giving the neurons the signal that we are underwater. This results in the plasmolysis of the cell and the cells swell to cause pruning. The pruning is done to provide better grip to objects underwater. However, if one of the fingers has nerve damage, there will be no message sent and thus no pruning.

25: Under the tongue tentacles

This is some alien level stuff and is creepy as hell to look at. Even though it looks like this tongue is from some extra-terrestrial being, it is very human. This is also a genetic mutation that results in the formation of small outgrowths under the tongue. This is basically due to the folding of a part of the mucous membrane under the tongue and causing these tentacles to grow.

26: Hyper-extension

Who didn’t envy the elastic dude in Fantastic Four? What would we not do if we were that flexible and able to squeeze in whatever place was provided to us. Reddit user, Sleepybutt is one of those people as well. But she also has a genetic mutation that allows her arms to extend further back than a normal human being’s. This gives the most bizarre appearance when seen in real life.

27: Weird tricks

The people on Reddit are all kinds of amazing. Some people have a weird skin condition, some people have tongue tentacles. However, this user found out that he was able to fold the skin of his neck over his mouth. This is actually due to a genetic mutation as well that produces more collagen in the body and increases the elasticity of the skin.

28: Dermatographia

Dermatographia is a skin condition in which the skin is extremely hypersensitive. The slightest of irritation to the skin can result in the skin getting raised to form welts and bruises. It is very weird, but it is also quite interesting because a person with this condition would be able to write on his body. You’d never forget another thing. No need to make mental notes anymore.

29: Would you mind giving a hand?

This person was also born with a condition. During embryonic development, the growth of the cells reversed, and that resulted in the hand getting developed the wrong way around. The backward hand looks extremely interesting when we see it like this, almost fascinating. What I am wondering here though, is whether this person shakes with his backward hand or his actual hand?

30: Cold hands

Our body cells have an extreme reaction to cold. The thermoregulatory process in our body comes to play almost instantly and the body to start thermoregulating the temperature. However, in the above picture, a condition known as Reynaud’s syndrome is being depicted. In it, the cells of the body get discolored when they are exposed to actual cold, and this results in a painful sensation along with the fingers turning blue.