The internet is full of some of the trippiest things ever. It is a place where the most twisted people meet other twisted people and create some weird sort of twisted magic. All over the World Wide Web, there are pictures that will make your jaw drop to the floor as you ponder about what kind of drugs these people be taking to think about these weird things.

1: That looks like a cyborg with old people dentures

The first time I saw this picture I thought it was from a science fiction movie or something. Let’s be real, it does look like it came out of RoboCop or Star Wars or something. The only thing that makes it weirder is the set of teeth stuck to it. However, in reality, this is a dummy on which dental students practice their dental work. I almost feel bad about them for having to work on this monstrosity.

2: These flooded bikes look like ducks

Floods are never okay. They are a natural disaster, and there is nothing nice or funny about them. But you have to acknowledge the fact that these handlebars do look like ducks floating on water and do appear quite funny. They almost look like ducks swimming in formation going to war or something. In reality, they are handlebars of motorcycles submerged under the flood water.

3: Pooping jewels

We’ve all heard about the hen that laid eggs of gold. However, this time, we bring to you the toy dog that poops jewels. As disturbing as the idea of a little child playing with jewels that come out of dog’s ass is. What is more disturbing and frightening is what if, the child believes that all dogs poop gems and starts looking for rubies in your neighbor’s dog’s poop.

4: Is that golf course child-friendly though?

Many pictures of various toys on the internet show how disturbing children toys have become at this day and age. Our jewel pooping dog earlier is one example. This golf course, however, is so blatantly wrong that I am wondering how it hasn’t been put down yet. And why it was cleared to be put on in the first place.

5: What is Ken trying to do here?

Staying on the topic of weird children toys, I bring you another completely damned and cursed piece of child play. This Barbie and Ken doll set come with a pony as well. As much as I love the design and the various scenario possibilities of the design, what I am worried about is the extremely weird posture that Ken has been packed in. I’m pretty sure that the kids will ask weir questions.

6: Where in tarnation is the rest of her?

The rules of underwater refraction are very weird and seeing this picture for too long is making me dizzy and creeped me out, to say the least. It looks like the girl’s legs are cut off and are attached at the neck of that woman. I just hope her torso is completely intact and I give major kudos to the person who spotted this trick of the light and took the picture.

7: This is disturbing

Tom Cruise is probably all of our favorite actors – or at least was our favorite at one point in time. His portrayal of various characters is nothing short of perfection. As Ethan Hunt, he won all of our hearts. In his other films too, he has been perfect. But it looks like his teeth aren’t perfect at all and he has a tooth in the middle of his face. Good luck unseeing that!

8: Too hard to look at

This look like an optical illusion or the work of Photoshop. It has to be edited right? How can a hole like that exist in the middle of a freaking river? However, this is completely an authentic and unaltered picture. It is a picture of a dam in the middle of a river in Canada. I have to say Canadians do create unique things.

9: No to stereotyping

On this website, we say no to stereotyping and gender roles. Here we spread positivity and announce that everyone has the right to look like however they want to look like. There are no bounds to physical freedom, and a person can be whoever he wants to be. Similarly, Mr. Peanut too can wear yoga pants and heels if he feels comfortable wearing them. Work it, Mr. Peanut.

10: Playtime is over, time to shop

Chucky is probably the reason I am scared of dolls and still feel afraid whenever I walk into a room which has stuffed toys. Just the whole idea of a dead, inanimate object with the face of a baby seems very creepy. Here, we see Chucky going through Walmart probably buying supplies for his future endeavors. Maybe acid or a pair of knives?