11: This chicken looks like it’s going to eat everyone

Honestly, this chicken looks less like food and more like a criminal offense. The simple loath in its eyes is enough to creep me out. This picture will probably come in my nightmares because the chicken looks like it is plotting the murder of the entire human population and thinking about world domination at the same time. I feel for the person that was served this.

12: What a mess

This convict has got himself into a CRAPPY situation here, pun intended. What I would like to know is how he even got his entire hand stuck inside a commode like that. However he did it though, I hope he gets out of it unscathed. And quickly too, because the police staff around him look like they could be doing anything else right now.

13: What in god’s name?

We have no idea as to what the chef was trying to create in this picture. It looks more like an alien than a seafood platter. If someone served this to me on a plate, I would run away screaming. The tentacles alone are enough to scare anyone of sound mind and the other items on the plate are also a scare if there was anything scary at all.

14: A watchful eye

We all know at least one family in the neighborhood who consider it their paid jobs to keep an eye on everything happening within their surroundings. They are always up to date on the gossip and are also on brilliant terms with every family of the neighborhood. But putting out these two eyes on the windows of the house seems like taking it a step too far, no?

15: Weird eatables

I have no idea whether this is a rat, a hamster or a possum. But whatever it is, it is evident that it died in positive agony. I am doubtful of whether the person fired this thing alive because of the pained expression on its face. I literally cannot think of how much strength it must have taken to actually have eaten this monstrosity and also have taken a picture of it.

16: Doll

As described earlier, the mere concept of dolls is extremely scary and offensive. The whole idea of making an inanimate object look like something alive is scary and creepy. However, this doll looks like it has stood the tests of time. The eerie beauty in this piece of work almost makes it strange and gives it an echo of time.

17: Erasable creepy smile

These erasable pencil colors look pretty legitimate, and the art freak in me wants to order a box too. We all wanted color pencils that would be erased and not be smudged all over the paper if we tried to rub it with an eraser. However, the creepy smile on the box is the only thing preventing me from ordering this box ASAP.

18: Two batmen or one Logan?

I will never be able to look at the Wolverine cartoons or to read the comics the same way again. The Wolverine logo looks so much like they are two batmen nearly kissing each other. I hope that I can drive that image out of my mind or I’d never been able to look at the Wolverine logo without thinking about this and cracking up.

19: What a mess 2.0

These wires must have been the result of either cyclonic winds or some kind of a natural disaster because I refuse to believe that the road planning would be as weak as to allow the wires to fall over the road so easily. I just hope that there is not live current passing through these wires; otherwise, there is a high chance that accidents would occur.

20: Come again?

Sometimes, our weird minds and dark humor lead us to perceive the simplest of sentences in the dirtiest of ways. I don’t know what you think when you read this, but my mind has jumped straight to some R rated stuff that would involve penetrating horses and extracting the meat. I just hope not everyone’s brains work like mine.