There is no lie in the statement that a company is nothing without her employees. They are the ones that make a company what it is. They are the ones that build the company from the ground up and keep it hoisted upright through the tests of time. Therefore, respect and fairness for the employees is a given. But some companies go to such lengths to make sure that their employees are comfortable working in the company that they have me reconsidering my career choices.

1: Facebook is a foodie’s heaven

Facebook is one of the leading social media companies in the world. With loads of offices spanning the globe. Here, the employees are treated no less than gold. All the employees are given free meals thrice a day. And honestly, if free food cannot get you out of bed to work, I don’t know what will. Furthermore, Facebook also gives a large sum of money to new parents. They call this money as “baby cash” and it basically for the purpose of allaying the financial burden that comes with having a child.

2: Netflix is a parent’s dream job

Netflix is becoming one of the leading brands as far as the entertainment sector is concerned. The employees here are treated extremely well too. When an employee becomes a parent, they are given a YEAR LONG maternity leave! This is way longer than what other companies give. Furthermore, upon return, it is the employee’s choice if they want to work full time or part-time. The employees also have the power to decide their working hours themselves.

3: Google has to be here

How can you make a list of companies that treat their employees well and not include Google? This company is probably one of the biggest names all over the world, and it treats its employees that way too. Google offices have in build spas, restaurants, and gyms that are easily accessible to all employees… They also make sure that their employees are giving proper charity. Google also pays overtime to its employees generously. 

4: Microsoft doing great work

Microsoft Irish offices are brilliant. They give their employees the freedom to work from home one day a week. They call this day as “the family day”. Furthermore, their offices also have a free bar. The United States offices of Microsoft are even better. They have sports fields, internal restaurants with 11 different cuisines and also a state of the art gym that is free for employees.

5: John Lewis, a travel freak’s dream job

John Lewis is a leading clothing brand all over the world. It provides a lot of benefits to the people that work here. The most famous benefit (and the one that has us all envious) is the fact that this company has special hotels that the employees stay in when they are traveling. Moreover, the company also offers huge discounts to the employees as well as their families when they are shopping in their stores.

6: Virgin media demands health

Virgin Media is a leading brand throughout the United States. All of the employees that work in this company have free medical and health benefits for themselves, their spouses and their children too. The company wants healthy employees. Furthermore, the company also gives annual free tickets to the people working for them. These tickets are of the airline, Virgin America. They also offer loads of other discounts to their employees and the employees’ families as well.

7: Hubspot loves its employees

This is a marketing company that goes to the lengths to ensure that their employees have a happy office life. They have a policy of offering their employees unlimited vacation days once a year. They also allow pets in the office because they think that that makes the employees happier. The cherry on the top is the availability of free beer at all times. I just hope no recovering alcoholic is working at HubSpot.

8: Burger lover’s dream job

In-N-out is a burger joint that is spread over various areas of the United States. It is probably one of the top favorites of burger fans all over. A big meaty burger from In-N-Out never disappoints. However, this burger chain looks out completely for their employees. They offer competitive salaries that keep their employees happy. Moreover, they also give paid vacations annually and have a 401(k) plan in place for their employees. A free Double Double and fries every day is a cherry on top we all want.

9: Salesforce employees are treated like gold

In 2017, the Fortune 100 best employers list came out, and Salesforce was at number one. This company does its best to make the employees feel welcome and loyal to the company. The offer bounties to the employees that refer and bring in new employees and have paid more than 55 million dollars in bounty until now. They also give fringe benefits and pay 56 hours annually when the employees do community volunteer work.

10: At Wegmans, everyone is family

Wegman is a century-old department store that treats its employees like family. Last year alone, the company spent more than 50 million dollars only on employee development. By doing this, the company was able to fill in more than half of its vacant positions internally, and that is a brilliant thing for a company and well as for the company’s employees. They also give money to parents and students working in the company as a scholarship for their future.