11: Workday or play day?

Workday is an enterprise software company that is operating in California and has a well-managed employee number. These employees are treated extremely well and every day for them is made exciting. This company believes in the fish-philosophy and thus have turned work into play. The company offers unlimited vacations. It also offers things like car washes, bike repairs, and manicures. Yes, manicures!

12: The ultimate benefits

Ultimate software is also a software company like the one described above. This one, however, operates in Miami and has managed to look like a small company even though it is known worldwide and has extreme reach. It gives a lot of benefits to the employees that work there. They give free medical facilities to their employees and the family of the employees as well. Medical coverage also includes dental work and vision treatment.  For the employees that do extremely well, the company also gives “reward trips” to exotic destinations.

13: Kimley-Horn going for it

Kimley-Horn is a national company that is involved in consulting people about various premier planning and designs. The people that work here receive a unheard two to one 401 (k) policy, which is honest enough to make us all want to work here. It means that the company doubles whatever the employees put away n their savings. Moreover, the company also provides medical insurance.

14: The Hyatt

The Hyatt is a United States based hospitality company that is involved in managing and the franchising of various luxury hotels and resorts. It gives a lot of benefits to the employees that work there. They offer flexible hours for the cleaning staff and also give them fringe benefits and offer retirement plans. They also give medical insurance to the staff as well.

15: The cheese factory at Quicken Loans

The people at Quicken Loans follow a peculiar work ethic. The company is a tech mortgage lender that is operating in Detroit. This company also is a firm believer of the fish philosophy and considers the ideas of the employees to be of foremost importance. They have a cheese factory the office (And no it doesn’t make actual cheese). Employees gather their ideas for the betterment of the company and place it in the cheese factory. Last year alone, 900 of these ideas were implemented.

16: The Penny Hoarder HQ

The office of the Penny Hoarder HQ is probably the workplace of every nerd’s dreams. The Tampa Bay business journal called it the “coolest office space,” and it is no surprise as to why it has been called that. The office has a well-equipped library with two fireplaces. The library has all kinds of books including comics (the nerd in me is shaking). It also has T-rex mantles and is a book worm’s dream. They also have a maternity room and daycare for the new moms as well.

17: The vault gives a lot too

Commonvault is a United States based company that is involved in the protection of data and keeping a person’s data safe from hackers and internet trolls. Inside the vault, the employees are treated like royalty. The in-office facilities include Ping-Pong tables, a softball field, and an entire basketball court which is fully accessible to the employees that work there. And for the vacations too, the employees are given fully paid unlimited vacays. What more could you want?

18: They’re allowed to nap

Acquia is a software company that is being utilized all over the United States. The people working for the company treat their workplace like home. There is a nap room present inside the office space where the employees can go and sleep with zero guilt involved. Furthermore, the company also provides free medical insurance, in-office massages, and a foosball court. To top things off, free beer also flows.

19: It’s ShowTime for the employees here

For a TV network that produces content that must be appealing to the audience, there has to be a pre-screening of that content. People who work for Showtime have this privilege that other people crave. They sit around in the office pre-screening the shows and providing critical judgment that the company holds in priority.  They are also given free ShowTime and Hulu membership.

20: Better mental health at PNC

At PNC, the physical and mental health of the employees is given full priority. Employees are paid to take better care of themselves. Free medical insurance is provided. Furthermore, the employees are urged to go to mental health screenings and keep their physical health in check too. These screenings get turned to credit that appears on their paychecks.