Game of Thrones has been in our lives for almost eight years now bringing our souls back from the deadbeat life of ours. Be it the battle of bastards where Jon Valor stood out or battle of Meereens where we saw Daenerys in action. All these beautiful places are real-life attractions, even without the CGI effect. Let us venture into these places one by one:

1: Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland – Kingsroad

What’s grander than the Kingsroad of the seven realms. Stretching out from castle black leading south and towards kings landing. The road aside from its grandeur where it passes from the enchanting scenery trees swaying on its way. It is the same road where Yoren helped Arya escape Kings Landing after Eddard Stark’s execution.

2: Itzurun Beach, Spain – Dragonstone


The Dothraki might not have been able to cross the sea at first, but they sure did patrol the seashore of Dragonstone to protect their queen. This place is as real and beautiful, as shown in the show. The winds Itzurun beach in Spain will lead you down memory lane when Jon Snow first arrived to meet Daenerys.

3: Dubrovnik, Croatia – King’s Landing


You have been warned [spoiler alert]. If you haven’t watched GOT season 8 finale, then this might be a bummer. Well, it goes on with all the Starks reunited for the last time not under the willow tree but in Kings Landing. Located in Croatia this port is a ditto copy of what we saw in the show itself.

4: Dubrovnik, Croatia – King’s Landing


We all hate Cersei for her evil-doings but bluntly speaking she is one hell of a villain (insert cool face expression). After she ordered the golden cloaks to kill all the Baratheon bastards, the place photographed above was seen on screen. You can see from the two photos that this is the exact spot in Dubrovnik, Croatia where the scene was filmed.

5: Kastel Gomilica, Croatia – Braavos


A Place which cannot be named, Bravoos. I might be careful now for even death can speak its name. Just the terror of this place is enough to realize its significance. The Journey of our Night-King stabber in the stomach Heroine Arya journey to self-realization and actualization starts.

6: Itzurun Beach, Spain – Dragonstone


Power is what makes a person consumed by its evil. Game of Thrones shows us our reality, which stems from greed, lust, and pursuit of power. The series also has a good aesthetic sense showing every scene darker than their original filming locations. The image shown above is from Itzurun beach in Spain, which can be a perfect holiday spot, all bright and warm.

7: Dubrovnik, Croatia – King’s Landing


We too were shocked when the Great walk of the atonement of Cersei took place. Rather satisfied but still shocked. Well, this is the famous place where the major incident took place. Adding CGI effects did make it look like the grandest of places as it was shown in the show.

8: Trsteno Arboretum, Croatia – King’s Landing


This place sure brings back a lot of good characters to life, those we have truly missed in this season. The specific stairs are in Kings landing leading to what was one of the worst fates of a favorite character. The original picture shows its location in Croatia with similar features even without CGI.

9: Azure Window On The Island Of Gozo In Malta – Pentos


Now, this should take us to square one, season 1, where all of it started. The wedding of the great Khal Drogo and mother of dragons. The place is a striking resemblance with its filming location.

10: Girona, Spain –Braavos


Braavos, where faceless men live. Where death is not feared but those who bring it. In the scene where Arya begs when she goes blind is even more beautiful than shown in the scene itself. The whole sight will leave you wondering about Arya and her struggles.