Above the myriad technological gold medals and dynastic cultures that line China’s reputation in the world, the country is also known to be a very different nation, in many ways. Besides their aesthetic landscapes and elated cultures, a foreign eye gazing over their lifestyle will be shocked, to say the least.

Their obsession with pandas and tea will seem oddly normal to you after you read these facts and scream, “REALLY?”

Chinese invented toilet paper but only the Romans at the time were using it

Chinese people invented toilet paper around 851 AD but nothing was written about the same until the 14th Century. From 1368 – 1644, the Ming dynasty was on the rise and only the Roman Emperors could afford them. They were made from giant sheets of soft fabric that were way too expensive for the commoners then.

In the southwestern city of Yulin, people eat dogs to celebrate summer


According to International Business Times, more than 10,000 dogs are feasted upon during their winter solstice festivals and this tradition is supposed to bring good luck.

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