In its first weekend, The Nun has topped the domestic box office, making it the best performance among The Conjuring franchise. According to the studios, this Demian Bichir and Taissa Farmiga movie has made a collection of $53.5 million from North American theaters alone. It has brought $77.5 million internationally, making a massive total of $131 million in its global debut.

This horror movie is a spinoff of a character seen in The Conjuring 2.


Set in Romania in 1952, the cost of production for this movie was just $22. Before the release of The Nun, The Conjuring sat at the top position for the largest opening in the Conjuring Universe, which also includes the Annabelle series. The Conjuring made a whooping collection of $41.3 million at its launch in 2013.

The President of Domestic Distribution, Warner Bros., Jeffrey Goldstein, said, “The subject in the title ‘The Nun,’ just gets a bigger broader audience.”


According to the exit polls, the opening weekend audiences were significantly Hispanic. They made up 35% of the total audience. This is quite higher as compared to the other movies in this series.  For example, The Conjuring had about 17 percent Hispanic audience.

With its outstanding performance, The Nun pushed back the Crazy Rich Asians to the second place.


It’s the first time in its four-week run that Crazy Rich Asians has to vacate its first position. This romatic-comedy has added $13.6 million, which brings its total North American earning to $136.2 million.

Jennifer Garner starred Peppermint opened at the third position.


This revenge movie made a collection of $13.3 million. According to a senior media analyst for box office tracker comScore, Paul Dergarabedian, “’Peppermint’ was a movie that was meant to give a completely different option to ‘The Nun’.” He added, “’The Nun’ was just this overwhelming juggernaut.”

And here are the movies which made the top five!

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At the fourth position, we have Jason Stathom’s shark tale The Meg. This movie banked $6 million. At the fifth position, we have John Cho’s Searching. This internet thriller collected $4.5 million. This year overall is about 9.5 percent more as compared to the last year. “Look out,” Dergarabedian said, “This could be the biggest box office year ever.”