From sucking on repeated episodes of Making A Murderer to eating up every podcast that starts or ends with synonyms of the word ‘killer,’ some of us basically live for the happenings of the dark universe. And the concept of madmen lurking in the shadows just aws us. But do you ever think why we only talk about the mad-MEN and not mad-WOMEN?

Sexist enough?

Well, it’s certainly not because they didn’t commit any crimes. Read the stories of awful crimes by willful women from back in the time.

1. Miyuki Ishikawa

Miyuki Ishikawa was a Japanese midwife who with the help of her husband and many more accomplices killed between 85 and 169 babies. She did so in order to reduce the population of infants in Japan.

During her trial, she argued that she killed children whose parents had deserted them. God knows, what magic did she play over the judge that she was sentenced to jail only for 8 years.

Surprisingly, she even managed to half the imprisonment period through an appeal.

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