Can you count just how many times you have wished to be a superhero? Do you remember that feeling of absolute wonder while watching these superheroes on the big screen? Superheroes are everything that is powerful, brave, heroic and well, super! And what’s more, their tragic backstories make them more humane, if anything. If there’s one way you can connect with the superheroes of your liking, it is through zodiac signs. The popular belief (read majority and biased) is that superheroes reflect in the most aggressive and active signs. Read on to know which superhero you connect the most with!



I have wondered several times why the panther does not symbolize any sign. That would’ve been cool. Don’t you think so? But, I think we can console ourselves with the fact that Leo was chosen for King T’Challa. One of the reasons behind this could be that Leos are intrinsically leaders. Leadership and the propensity to take charge of the situation comes naturally to them. Leos also don’t like change and try to resist it in any way they can. Remember how T’Challa upholds these traits in the movie Black Panther?

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