Despite claiming that we live in the fastest age of information, the fact that it is almost impossible to keep up with it is often ignored. And with so much already out there, understanding what we need to know and what we don’t is a blurry task. So, we’ve compiled a list of facts that’ll instantly boost your intelligence with information worth knowing.

Time to turn on sponge mode and feel the quality of your life rise. 

The Harry Potter books, iPhone and the Rubik’s cube are the most sold products in human history

From niche market products that made it mainstream to plain-old stuff that made both the investors and the consumers happy, these products made history with their popularity.

There is a Chrome extension called Showgoers that can sync your Netflix player with your friends so that you can watch shows together in real time


If you press pause, rewind or perform any other function, all the synced users will experience the results.

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