Have you ever seen the episodes of Making A Murderer? Do you enjoy every podcast that is connected to gore and murder? Then you are one of those who love suspense and relish all the darkness the mundane human life has. There is always the possibility of madmen lurking in the shadows. But have you ever imagined that these psychos could ever be women? Does this sound sexist? Well, there’s not many of them out there, so the number of women killers are extremely less. But that does not mean that their crimes are less heinous. Here are 30 awful crimes committed by the most dangerous women in history –

1. Miyuki Ishikawa


Miyuki Ishikawa was a Japanese midwife. But she was one hell of a killer. With the help of her husband plus a dozen accomplices, she murdered anywhere in the range of 85 to 169 babies. What was her motive behind it? She did so in order to reduce the population of infants in Japan. She killed only those children whose parents had deserted them. She was sentenced for 8 years. What? What comes as a surprise she even managed to reduce her sentence by filing an appeal in court.

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