One can never run away from death, but encountering it face to face is still something that could even strike fear into the heart of the bravest of people. Death is quite an unpredictable phenomenon, it comes all of a sudden, but it always leads to grief and bereavement. But what if we could make you experience all these things without actually having to die? Are you prepared for it? Here are some haunting pictures of people just before they lost their lives. Hope you will learn how precious it is to still be able to breathe and be alive.

1. The Last Bull Fight

Bull Fighting is one of the most popular games in Spain. It has its own thrills, but there are risks involved as well. Bull fighter Victor Barrio thought it would be another day at work. He would play around and put the bull to death. But it seems as destiny had other things planned for him. The bull fight turned out to be fatal for Victor, with the bull coming out at top. Will somebody ask the authorities to put an end to this dangerous sport?

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