Paige Michelle Vanderford, professionally known as Paige VanZant is not just a fighter but a martial artist who surprisingly is also a model and an author. And I don’t think I have to say, but she is amazing at everything that she does. She even appeared in two television series named as “Dancing with the Stars” and “Chopped”. As we all know that she is a fighter at the UFC events as well. In July 2019, she stood 13th in the UFC women’s flyweight.

Talking about her childhood, her parents owned a dance studio, so she was raised up in that dancing environment. She practiced everything from Jazz, Ballet to Hip Hop, for 13 years. 

Paige clearly comes out to be a multi-talented all-rounder. She is good at almost everything that you could think of, especially including her looks. She is among those really few girls, who are both fierce and strong at one hand and sweet and adorable at the other.

No one can deny now, that a fighter can be so beautiful that guys can go all crazy over her. In case, of doubts, scroll down to know why.

An artist by all means

Born in Dundee and raised in Dayton, Paige’s parents owned a dance studio, and she grew up dancing jazz, ballet, and also hip-hop for more than 13 years.

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