Technology is making us advanced in every way but it’s crippling us too! For instance, the autocorrect feature in phones (or on our writing tools) has made us forget the spellings which were once on the tip of our tongues. 

Don’t believe me? Well, get ready for a hilarious journey and laugh aloud while going through the below-listed spelling blunders, which changed the intention or the implication completely. Read on.

1) Accident Prone area

Any boy coming to your mind who wouldn’t like to meet ‘such’ an accident?

Here the correct word is “Go Slow Accident Prone Area”. Just the wrong spelling of the word “prone” changed the entire meaning.

2) Par-KING


Getting the ‘feel’ here?

Word “Parking” is divided into “Par KING”. So if you are parking your car there, you are almost equivalent to the “King”, right?

Who wouldn’t want to feel that important?

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