In these times, it might seem that this world is full of anger, dissatisfaction, anxiety and fear. However, it is our duty to ensure to fight this darkness and fill our surroundings with light. No kind deed is small, be it helping someone carry their luggage, helping our elderly cross the road, or simply donating clothes and food to the needy.

Recently, an inspiring story has been brought to the light where a janitor, who was going through some rough time, was given a surprise that brought a smile to his face. Let?s see how it happened.

Floyd Green has devoted more than 30 years of his life as a janitor in the same company!


The entire staff, at the bank in West Howard, Texas where Floyd works, not only knows him but also adores him.

Having worked with all these years, they have only good things to say about him.


According to an employee, He is a sweet man and is the reason we look forward to Tuesdays and Fridays!?

Floyd recently suffered a terrible loss!


Therefore, the staff at the bank decided to do something for him. Shortly after his birthday, Floyd walked into the conference room one day to find a box sitting on the table.

When he opened the box, he couldn’t believe his eyes.


As soon as the box was opened, he found a small puppy, just like the he had recently lost, inside it. When he asked around to find out who this puppy belonged to, he was overly joyed to hear that this puppy now belonged to him. After seeing their beloved janitor so disheartened, the staff decided to get him a new puppy, exactly like the one he lost. After receiving such a beautiful gift, Floyd decided to call her Precious!