The invention of the trail cameras ensured that wildlife photography became much more popular since it was easy for the photographers to track the animals during the night and take the pictures upon sensing motion. These cameras may not always capture the most interesting pictures but they have captured some images that will surely blow your mind away. Here are some rare instances in which the trail cameras captured scary, hilarious, and unbelievable pictures.

A Buck With An Afro

The world is obsessed with the horns of the bucks and this is why, they have faced quite a number of problems in their lives. The size of the horns gets something stuck in them every once in a while. This poor buck had tumbleweed stuck in his horns and it makes the buck look like he has a very cool afro.

The Dancing Deer


This was a particularly interesting shot captured by a trail camera. The deer was captured in a rather weird pose in which it seems like he seemed to be dancing. It also looks like he is the weird one in the group since the other two are just eating grass like normal, docile deer.

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