A case of a disabled man knocking over two elderly women on the pavement using his mobility scooter as a battering ram has been brought up in the court. The accused, Aaron Ali, has been charged with three counts of assault, including actual bodily harm and one of common assault.

The 40-year-old disabled man has been accused of allegedly reversing his mobility scooter over Doris Collins and Joan Benjafield, aged 88 and 90 respectively.


The incident took place in Welling, Kent while the ladies were out shopping. When the two pensioners were run over, they were waiting at a bus stop outside South East Models shop on Upper Wickham Lane. They were waiting to get on a number of 96 bus when Ali hit them.

The incident has been caught in the CCTV footage where he is seen suddenly stopping after passing the two ladies.


According to the prosecutor, James Dean, “He is seen to reverse. He hits the old lady nearest the curb (Ms Benjafield). She hits the ground.” “(Mr Ali) stops and goes forward a short distance. Believe it or not he reverses again and the other lady (Ms Collins) is struck in exactly the same manner,” he continues, “She falls, partly at least, on the other old lady, who is still on the ground.” While Collins suffered some minor wounds on her knees, Benjafield was left with bruises on her calf and ribs. James told the court that Ali used his chair ‘as a battering ram’ against the two old ladies.

This is not the first time something like this has happened with him.


Early this year, Ali has also been accused of ambushing Michael Gibson, 72 years old, in a random attack near Woolwich High Street. Mr. Gibson was also out shopping, with his son and daughter, when he noticed Ali coming toward them in his electric wheelchair. “He was about two yards away when I saw him,” Gibson shared, “‘It was somebody in a wheelchair so obviously I moved out of the way.” Though Gibson moved to the left to avoid Ali, he still received a blow to the face. “The blow was upwards, I knew it was a punch because I felt it,” he said, “Next thing I remember is my son and daughter coming up to me. After I was punched I was down for about 10-20 seconds.”

When he got up, Gibson saw Ali leaving the scene. He dashed after Ali and finally caught up to him.

According to Gibson, Ali refused to answer him and kept looking ahead. He said, “He was in a wheelchair so I left it at that.” When Gibson lit a cigarette after the incident, a part of his front tooth came off. “I’ve only got three teeth so I did not need to lose another one,” he told the court, “My face was swollen up and hanging down. After I was just on soups and things like that.” However, the resident of Thamesmead, Ali, denies all the accusations against him.

The verdict has not been given yet. Let’s hope the justice is served!