You may have come across face readers, who tell you about who you are by seeing your facial appearance. Palm readers who can predict your future by seeing the lines on your palm. There is handwriting analyst who can define your state of mind just by analyzing your writing styles. But did you know your walk defines your personality as well? This may be quite hard for you to accept but cultural experts and social scientist have done several types of research which depicts that your walk, including your speed and stride, have a huge effect on creating your personality.

There are four major categories but there are some quirks and habits while walking that act as an add-on and cannot be overlooked. Take a look at your walking style and what personality you possess. Body language expert, Patti Wood says, “Most people are some combination of two of these categories. Although one in particular usually dominates.”

#1 The Driver


You are a ‘driver’ when your weight is generally forward when you walk and even your stride is fast. And the add-on is if you multitask for example talking or thinking of something or using your phone while you walk. The body language expert, Wood says, “If there’s an obstacle in [your] way, [you] are going to take the most direct path through and around.” People with such style of walk tend to have a positive personality. They are intelligent, logical, and think on their mind and know how to get things done. Although these people are adored by many, they are often taken to be rude.

Ones with such walk are competitive and the enthusiastic personality can bring out the best in them. Wood says that they should take a pause and meet and greet people on their way. Make eye contact and stop by and say hello to the known ones they meet on their way. They may not have to do this all the time but attempting this occasionally can be helpful.

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