It is impossible for anyone to live in this time of error and not know anything about JAWS. Jaws was a movie about a huge shark, and we all know feeding a shark isn’t a great idea. Just because you’re pretty, young and bored, doesn’t mean that you can feed a shark.

Check out this one footage on how it captures probably one of the scariest moments that can ever happen to anyone?

Honestly, that’s pure stupidity. It’s normal to feed a fishes, whales and dolphins. But a shark? That’s insane. Anyways, so it’s this girl and two guys somewhere out where sharks are… So buy observing the video, it looks like the girl was probably informed that it’s okay to feed the shark with whatever she was trying to feed it.

The young lady reaches forward with something in one hand (I guess shark food?) and tried to feed it. The shark kind of swims around and checks out what this young lady was trying to do. Honestly, she is close enough to grab the shark’s attention, however in the video you’ll notice that it kind of ignores her at first. But when she thrusts her hand in front of the sharks nose and mouth, it aggressively took a chuck!

Unfortunately the video doesn’t show what exactly happens or if the young lady was okay, but we are sure that the next time you are considering to feed sharks you’ll thing twice about it, won’t you?