Many pictures have surfaced on the internet where pets are dressed up as if working on a job. Many of these pictures are of dogs but there are some amazing pictures of cats too. These pictures of the hardworking felines are very funny, but they do not want to be seen as funny since it is their hard work that we’d be mocking.

The Nursing Cat

The cat’s name is Rademenesa and he was diagnosed with an inflamed respiratory tract at the age of 2 months. When he survived the ordeal, he kept on living in the animal shelter and provided company to the other animals that were brought in, nursing them back to health.

People Are Posting Photos Of Working Cats

Felix has been working as the senior pest controller at Huddersfield Railway Station for the past few years. The best thing about his job is that he has his own name tag and a neon vest to go with it. He loves to chat with the tourists coming into the hotel and also filling in at the ticket station.