With the entertainment industry growing at an extremely fast pace, there are occurrences when unexpected things show up in movies. Sometimes, there are just random Easter eggs dropped in by the directors. Other times, they are mistakes that are overlooked. But nerds with too much time on their hand and a remote with an extra sensitive pause button always figure it out.

1: The moon lightening in the Truman show

In this movie, Truman’s life is all part of a movie set. And the plot twist is that Truman has no idea. In one of the scenes of the movie; however, the lightning flashes momentarily and the moon comes into view. Anyone with the most meager intellect can tell that the moon appears way too closer than it would on normal occurrences. Truman however, is too busy moping, or he might’ve realized sooner that he was on TV.

2: Only Doug can actually succeed

Up was one of the most emotionally heartbreaking yet inspiring animated movies to have ever been made. It is still underrated as hell up to this day but has a special place in the hearts of people who actually know about it. However, no matter how many dogs the villain actually had, only Doug – the underdog who was considered the weakest – could actually find the bird. Because he was the only hunting dog while the others were guard dogs.

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