Cruise ships are the new luxury vacation everyone wants. Cruise ships are basically a ship on the sea but with all the luxuries of a hotel. People who go on cruise ship vacations find the whole deal quite fascinating and a lot of them come out of the cruise envying the lives of cruise ship workers. Who wouldn’t like to spend their life going around to exotic locations on a cruise ship? But even the cruise ship workers have secrets.

1: Constant surveillance

It is but natural to think that proper security measures are being taken care of when a person decides to board a cruise ship vacation. However, the security might be a lot tighter than you perceive it to be. There is an entire team of more than a dozen people who are dedicated just to the security of the guests on board. There is constant surveillance on what the guests are doing as well.

2: The workers may not be who you think they are


When you are spending a lot of your time on waters completely cut off from life on land, it is extremely easy to build a new and fake persona and to live double lives. This is very common amongst sea vehicle workers. They might be someone else on the sea and another person on land. Gay people who are closeted and live in fear of land are known to embrace their queer side when on the sea.

3: Cut off from the modern world


The most useful way of staying connected with the rest of the world these days is through the World Wide Web. However, network internet connections on the sea water are not only extremely expensive but are quite problematic as well. Therefore, the internet needs of the crew workers are usually taken care of when the cruise ship boards. This lets the workers be completely cut off from the modern cultural world.

4: Secret codes


It is basically the rule if any organized craft to not have an open announcement system. If the craft is faced with an emergency, the complete announcement of it can be a cause of panic among the people on board. The same is true for cruise ships. The crew workers have a secret code system through which they are able to communicate amongst the crew without causing any havoc between the guests.

5: Work hard, party hard


It is a misconception that cruise ship workers do not have fun. The people aboard the cruise ships have a great time enjoying various cocktails and partying but the real partying is done by the crew and the workers. The staff bar gives out cocktails and alcohol and an extremely cheap price as compared to the guest bars and the music plays loud in the worker lounges as well.

6: Not getting cozy with the guests


The relationship between a guest on a cruise ship and the workers of that cruise ship should be completely professional and strictly decent. It is not permitted to get friendly with the guests of the cruise ship. Over friendly workers are given fair warnings as to not get into too many ones on one interaction with the guests and to maintain a professional gulf.

7: You can get cozy though


However, staying away from the guests does not mean that you cannot have relationships on the sea at all. Humans are social and therefore it is impossible for a human to exist in complete isolation. That is why it is totally permissible to get cozy and even romantic with the other cruise workers as long as that relationship does not affect your work ethics and skills. Such hookups are actually extremely common too.

8: Pranks and jokes


Even though there is completely strict management and rules considering the professional relationship of the workers on the cruise ship and the guests of that cruise ship, the cruise ship workers still manage to pull off a few harmless pranks on the people who are aboard their cruise liners. None of these pranks are actually serious enough to call for HR management and are shrugged off.

9: Getting a cheaper booking


This is one of the secrets of the trade that no cruise ship worker or cruise Ship Company would want you in on. The cruise ship sails off of the port only when it is completely booked. Therefore, the cabins which are not booked a few days prior to the sailing day are booked at a much cheaper price. Just wait a little while after the last day of payment has passed and then make a mock payment which will let you book into one of these cheaper un-booked cabins. Thank us later.

10: On Cruise Mafia


No, there are no gang wars happening on the cruise ships however, the cruise ship workers are extremely clique based. These cliques would actually remind you of high school if you pay close enough attention. Every clique is basically made up of staff members from the same ethnicity and are called mafias. These mafias have a place in the cruise ship’s social ladder.